Our Staff

Our Lead Teachers

Geetha Shreyarthi
Priyamvada Mishra
Jessica Eden
Melissa Drum
Brittany Gibney










Geetha has a B.A. from the University of Madras, India. While living in Jamaica she was a substitute teacher at the Montessori Center in Kingston. She received her AMS credentials from the Montessori Teacher Training Institute in  Miami, Florida.  After teaching in Jamaica for three years she moved to the United States in 1991 and was the Head Teacher at a Montessori school in Albany.

Priya has a PhD. from the University of Bhopal in India.  Priya began her career as an assistant at Roots and Wings in 2008 and received her Head Teacher certification from Northeast Montessori Institute in 2014.  She has been teaching the Primary class since then.

Jessica received her Montessori certification from NAMC. She was an Assistant with Geetha before deciding to be a Head Teacher in her own classroom.

Melissa started as an Assistant in 2014. She has her BA from SUNY Albany and her Montessori Toddler certification from NAMC.

Brittany joined RWM in 2020 and fell in love with the  toddler classroom. She is finishing up her Toddler Montessori certification from NAMC. 

Our Assistant Teachers

Hannah Spooner

Sue Braymer

Rohini Krishnan
Casie Johnson

 Hannah joined RWM in 2017. She Co-Teaches in the Toddler room with Brittany.   She has an AS in Early Childhood Education and has her Assistant Montessori Certificate (NMI)

Priya's Assistant-Sue has been with RWM since 2015.  She has a BA in Illustration

Jessica's Assistant - Rohini joined RWM in 2020. She has her BA in finance. Her daughter  attended RWM from 2017-2019.

Geetha's Assistant - Casie started in Priya's room in 2017. She has an AS in Accounting and has her Assistant Montessori Certificate (NMI)  Casie is currently working towards her Primary Certification from NAMC.

Janhavi Desai
Sonja Deffer
Gabriela Fernandez

Andrea Smith


Tara Doria


Geetha's Assistant - Janhavi joined RWM in 2018. She has her Master's in Accounting and her Montessori Certificate (NAMC)

Melissa's Assistant - Sonja joined RWM in 2021. She has 7 years of previous child care experience.

Priya's Assistant-Gabby joined RWM in 2021.  She has previous child care experience.

Geetha's Assitant-Andrea has her Early childhood degree, Assistant Montessori Degree and previous Montessori esperience.

Jessica's Assistant-Tara joined in 2022.  She has education experience including child care.